Everyone loves to see other people’s work space.  I’m happy to share mine as well.

I have a finished room over my garage (FROG), most of which is my girls’ playroom.  There is also a staircase that comes into the room and on the other side of that is a small office area, which I have completely taken over.  Since we moved into this house 2 years ago, I have gradually been making the playroom side more fun looking and kid friendly and I’ve been trying to get the work side of the room more organized for me to sew in.  I’ll post more about projects I’ve done for the playroom, but first I’ll show my work area.  There is a built in desk on one side and built in cabinets on the other.


I bought some shelves to store my fabric on the counter.  I like having it out so I can see it and be inspired.  However, I think I still need some more shelving because I have more fabric stashed around the room, mostly my garment fabric.  I used to try to keep my stash to a minimum when we lived in a much smaller home.  My sewing machine was moved around the old house several times as we constantly tried to reorganize and squeeze ourselves into 1700 square feet.  Now that I am not so restricted with space my collection has grown.


The eyesore on the bottom right that appears to be a missing cabinet is actually a spot for a mini fridge.  There was one there previously, but it did not have a front vent and ended up leaking and causing a spot on the ceiling below.  I will probably get another mini fridge at some point when my kids want to hang out up here and watch movies with their friends, in about 10 years.  For now, I can throw my crap in the empty space.  One of my favorite things in my workspace is the piecing wall in the left side of the picture.   It is a vinyl table cloth that I cut down to fit the wall and then used thumb tacks to hang it up, fuzzy side out.When cutting out pieces for a quilt, you just lay them on the wall and they stick to it.  It’s great for figuring out placement and keeps everything off the floor and away from kids and pets.    It isn’t as big as some other people’s piecing walls, but it’s perfect for a crib quilt which is mostly what I make.


My sewing machine sits in the middle and I can quickly get to the desk or up to the cutting board on the counter.  I need to find a better place for the iron.  I would like to say that I keep it neatly folded and stored away in the closet but that is not the case.  It just stays out because I use it a lot.

I bought some cute curtains for both sets of windows in this room.  I got two extras so I can make coordinating throw pillows for the play area later on.  We still have to recover a couch and love seat to go in there, so there is no rush on that.

This is the side with the built in desk.  It’s always a cluttered mess and my sewing books and magazines are slowing overtaking my other books, so I need to reorganize the whole thing sometime.  I also keep all of my girls’ messy art supplies on the shelves, which I need to clean out, since I am always adding to their stash.  Maybe I’ll get to that next year 🙂


I am considering encroaching on my kids space a little bit and putting a tall table where the pile of stuffed animals is.  I already have two old bar stools that I can use with it.  I have seen some IKEA hacking online and so my plan is to copy something I have seen on that website.  I am hoping to incorporate a place for the ironing board on the tall table, because it really is a nuisance in the middle of my sewing area.

It’s a small space so there isn’t much else to write about.

Happy sewing!