My best friend already had two boys when she told me she was pregnant with a girl.  I was so happy for her to get to add some pink to her life!  She decided to let her youngest son and baby girl to share a bedroom to start off.  Remembering what the bedroom looked like, I decided that the baby would need a quilt to make her side of the room more girly.  But, the quilt also needed to coordinate with the current colors of the room, so I specifically chose some fabrics that contained blues and greens.

Most of my sewing projects start with some fabric that I “must have” and then I figure out what to do with it later.  In this case, I made a special shopping trip for the project, but I did come away with some prints that I love from the Cloud 9 fabrics line called House and Garden for Joann Fabrics.  I also used a cute owl print and a blue floral.  The only fabric that I sort of regret is the pink and orange chevron.  I like it on it’s own and in the store the colors matched well with the owl print but its a stark contrast to the rest of the fabrics.

I’m not sure what I was thinking when I started cutting the fabric, except that I was super excited about the project.  Usually I OVER plan things, but that day I made a sketch and one template for the angled strips, but didn’t really calculate any measurements at all.MaelynQuilt1

So, without much planning, I just started sewing away the diagonal strips, which were probably 3 inches wide.  And since I didn’t measure anything, I ran out of fabric.  As you can see in the picture of the sketch, I erased the middle section of the quilt and added a band of the Tweety Tweet Blue print across the  middle.  So, I cut the panels of diagonal strips in half and turned the them inward so the middles touched.

MaelynQuilt2This is a picture from when I was working on the placement.  To mask any imperfections in way the diagonals met up, I decided to add strips between the panels.  Although, I don’t actually think that the seams were off by much.  At first I had yellow strips of fabric between the diagonally pieced panels, but then I decided that was too busy.  So I ripped them out and changed it to white.  Now I wish I had used the Tweety Tweet print.

My other fail with this quilt was the quilting itself.  As I did with my first quilt, I just stitched in the ditch.  At this point, I still hadn’t read anything about how to sew a quilt.  I didn’t know about using a 1/4 inch seam or even how to straight line quilt.  I have told my friend that I want to get the quilt back and straight stitch the along the seams, but she lives about 2 hours away and then her baby girl would actually have to give up the quilt for a night.  Maybe it will happen one day.

However, a major plus for the quilt is that I used a yellow dotted minky for the backing.  Children LOVE it because it’s so soft; that’s the same reason I love it actually.  And its really durable too.  Based on experience with another crib quilt I made, the minky isn’t too hard to get through the sewing machine when quilting even though its thick.  I just sew slowly and use a walking foot.


Overall, for my second attempt at sewing a quilt, considering I didn’t really know how to quilt yet, I like how it turned out.  It’s definitely more complicated than my first one.  And, the baby loves it, so that’s what really matters!

Happy quilting!