My kids create massive quantities of art work, a lot of which I feel compelled to keep.  I put quite a bit in my cubicle at work.  I have a name for my cubicle, kinda cheesy, but I call it the COMA, like the MOMA but Cubicle Of Modern Art, because children’s art work definitely has a modern vibe to it.

I also wanted some place to display some of their artwork at home, so I decided to make a cork board for our play room.  When I was at Michaels one day, I noticed they had rolls of cork so I bought oneand also a poster size frame.  I chose a white frame because the toy bins I bought for the room are also white.

Post er frame  & cork roll

The cork roll is a little longer than the poster frame, so it will need to be cut down.  I used an X-Acto knife.


Then I simply glued the cork to the inside of the back of the picture frame and discarded the clear plastic sheet that would have protected a poster.


I decided the best place to hang the cork board would be above my girls’ art table.  Here’s the finished product.


I would recommend using thumb tacks instead of push pins.  The cork isn’t as thick as the length of the pin and the thumb tacks have a slightly shorter pin.



Happy crafting!