My favorite tool in my sewing room is my rotary cutter (though my seam ripper might get more use, haha).  However I have a beef with my 45 mm rotary cutter, the blade always seems dull and skips little sections of fabric.  So, eventually I bought new pack of blades but dulled both of them rather quickly as well.

During one of my late night sew-a-thons, I got frustrated with the dull blade.  I had, what I thought at the time, was a stroke of genius.  I decided to try to sharpen my rotary blade using our kitchen knife sharpener.


It worked okay for that evening, but was dull again the next time I wanted to use it.

After much frustration with the dull blades, I finally broke down and bought this tool.  I got it at Joann’s when they were on sale, which is about every other week.  The two sides of the handle screw together with the blade in between and then you twist it around both sides of the sharpener, a rough side then a smooth side.  It works great so far.  I’ve used my rotary cutter several times since sharpening it with this tool.


I feel like I must mention that my first attempt at sharpening my rotary blade with my kitchen knife sharpener was a little dangerous.  Just pinching the edge of the blade while running through the sharpening groove provided very little stability and my fingers could easily slip.  But I also have to be careful using the blade sharpening tool that I bought.  Getting the blade between the two handles and then screwing them together is a little precarious.  Then once it’s attached, there is still a quarter of an inch of blade sticking out, just ready to slice a finger.  So, be careful!

Happy sewing!