Over the last month, the children in my oldest daughter’s class each got to pick a theme and the activities on an assigned day revolved around that theme.  My daughter chose rainbows.  Not a big surprise to me since she draws a lot of rainbows, like every time she get’s hold of a piece of paper and crayons.

I pulled together a few things for the day’s activities.

First, I created a rainbow template, which I found on Pintrest, but was only a picture, so I had brought it into Illustrator so that I could turn it into a vector and scale it up to fit an 8.5 X 11 size.


Then I used a punch that I found at Michaels to make raindrops from construction paper.  The punch is obviously to make a flower, but I just threw away the center and kept the raindrop shape.  I could have just cut squares of paper, like I saw used in other crafts online, but I wanted the kids to try to grasp the concept that a rainbow is created from light passing through rain droplets.  Let alone concepts of refraction of the light or that it is an optical illusion ( try explaining that to a four year old), but at least the water droplet I thought they could understand.  It was a lot of work to punch out all those raindrops, but it was worth it.  I love the way the activity turned out.


I also brought in my girls’ Rainbow In My Room.  I actually had to buy a new one right before the “Rainbow Day” because the one we had for several years broke literally right after we got the assignment.  They are no longer allowed to pick it up off the dresser or play with it at all, only look at the rainbow across their ceiling at night.


My girls go to daycare at our church, so I’m sure there’s a Noah’s Ark book floating around there somewhere, but I also provided a book of children’s bible stories with the story of Noah’s Ark.

Lastly, I made a special dress for Olivia to wear that day.  I picked up some cute Michael Miller fabric that had rainbows AND unicorns on it.  Both rainbows and unicorns are kinda popular in my house lately, so I couldn’t help myself when I found the fabric.  I also bought a perfectly coordinating solid from Michael Miller’s new line of solids, Cotton Couture.  I loved this solid fabric, it is so soft and is the ideal weight for sewing children’s clothes.  I used the bodice from a pattern that I have used several times, then I just took the one yard of fabric of the print, gathered it and attached it to the bottom of the bodice.  I also made some pockets for the front of the skirt using the pattern piece and instructions from the Geranium dress pattern I have from MadeByRae.  Finally, I sewed on some rick rack around the waist and at the top of the pockets to add some interest.  I really love how it turned out.

Here are some pictures of Olivia modeling her new favorite dress.


I consider Rainbow Day a success!

Happy sewing and crafting!