For six months prior to her birthday, my now 3 year old, Brynn, told me she wanted a watermelon birthday party.  You may be wondering what constitutes a watermelon party?  I wasn’t sure either.  It turned out to be a regular backyard party with watermelon decorations.  Since her birthday was a month ago, watermelons weren’t really in season anymore.  But, I did find some at the deli counter, pre-cut.  So, I made a fruit tray featuring the watermelon wedges.  I also found a pin on Pintrest that inspired me to make some Rice Krispie treats to look like watermelon slices.  Actually, I made a whole board on Pintrest if you have interest in this party theme.


The blog post in the pin for the Rice Krispie treats contains some directions, but I’ll give you the process I used as well.  I made two batches of Rice Krispie treats using the Kellogg’s recipe.  The only alteration to the recipe is to add food coloring to the marshmallow and butter mixture prior to adding the Rice Krispies.  I first made a green batch.  I pressed them into the edge of a cake pan, making a ring around the edge.  Then I made the red batch and pressed that into the middle.  The blog post I found through Pintrest suggested using chocolate covered sunflower seeds, but I decided to use mini chocolate chips instead.  It looked good and tasted good as well.

My sister and her girls came in town for the party.  Of course I was so happy to see her and spend time with all of them, but I am SO THANKFUL for her help as well.  At the time of the party I was still in my first trimester of pregnancy and I was still super tired all the time.  I only halfway finished almost of the the party preparations.  My sister, Kate, helped me with several things.  One of those was the other themed food item.  I made the cupcakes, but she iced them.  Half had green frosting with darker green stripes going across.  The other half were red with more of the mini chocolate chips scattered on top.  I forgot to take a picture of those, so I decided to give myself an exercise to practice using Illustrator and digitally draw what they looked like to share instead.

Cupcakes-01One lesson learned from the cupcakes was when adding food coloring to cream cheese icing, it is best to prepare the icing the day before then allow it to sit in the refrigerator for a day because the food coloring thins out the icing.  My sister iced the cupcakes a few hours before the party and though they looked good, the icing was runny and rather messy.  The kids didn’t mind of course!

The decorations consisted of red, green and black balloons, two enormous Mylar balloons that looked like watermelon slices, the banners of which I shared the digital version in my previous blog post and tissue paper pom poms that my sister made (again, she totally saved my pregnant, tired rear end!)  And again, I found a Pintrest pin that was used as inspiration.  This particular post was just an image of an item that is for sale on Etsy, so Kate had to figure out how to make the pom poms herself.  She layered the tissue paper with the greens on the bottom and pinks and reds on the top in a gradient fashion.  Instead of including a sheet of black tissue paper in the middle (as I had incorrectly suggested), she cut a few strips of the black tissue paper and taped them in place.  That way the black did not look overwhemling and the strips were placed so they looked more scattered.  The pom poms turned out great!

WatermelonParty2The HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRYNN banner was strung across those french doors in the picture.  But, it rained during the party and they got wet.  I saved the pom poms to photograph later, but didn’t save the banner.  And I certainly wasn’t going to print it all out again, because I’d probably have to buy a new ink cartridge if I did!

And of course, I made Brynn a special dress to wear to the party.  I took a different approach to a watermelon dress than the usual watermelon slice as the bodice and green seersucker for the skirt.  I used the Sunki dress pattern by Figgy’s.  I got it in the 5th Perfect Pattern Parcel sale.  It is a super cute shift dress with pockets and an interesting detail on the sleeves where the fabric overlaps.  The sleeve part was easy.  I spent some extra time on the pockets.  I didn’t have to pick out stitches or anything, but I really had to think about how the pockets are constructed, be very careful sewing the seam where the dress ends and the pocket interior begins, and hold my mouth right.  It turned out great!  I’ll definitely use that pattern again to make more dresses for my girls, especially since it goes up to size XL girls.

Four pictures of my little girl in her watermelon dress may be overboard, but that’s what moms do, right?  Also, try to disregard that I did not clean up the party aftermath in the backyard.  The kids did get a little play time before it started to rain and they made the most of it.





Happy sewing and crafting!