Actually, I made 4 Geranium dresses for 3.  My oldest daughter got two, my youngest got one and my niece got one.  It felt like a whole lot of geranium dresses though.  All this sewing occurred around Easter.  I know it’s been a while since then, but I didn’t get a chance to blog about it because I was very pregnant and tired and then I had a baby!  He has been taking up every bit of my free time and I love it!  Check him out:

2015-05-18 17.44.502015-05-23 18.05.04

Gus at 2 weeks old, yes that’s an Orla Kiely boppy cover.  It’s not the most masculine print, but more so than the pink floral one I had before, and I really wanted it!  He got the Orla Kiely bibs too!

In the picture to the right he is a week older and being held by his oldest sister.  And he has on the exact same outfit in both pictures.  The girls love that dinosaur onsie and constantly request that he wear it.  Both girls are so sweet to him, it melts my heart.

So, I made my oldest a Geranium dress a few weeks before Easter and she wore it to the Easter egg hunt at our church.  I had already decided to make them Easter dresses this year and chose to use the same pattern.  Since there are several variations, I don’t think the dresses look that much alike.  For the first one I used the cap sleeves, the yoke neckline and pleats at the waist.  The Easter dresses both have flutter sleeves because I feel like they look a little more fancy.  They both have a gathered waist, but I tried the v-neck version on one.  As for the necklines, I am not going to make another v-neck until I read some more about the construction, or I talk to my mom about it.  The fabric bunched a lot a the point, but I was too scared to cut it any closer than I did.  It looks just fine from a distance and still decent up close, but I know the struggle I went through with that v-neck (it was real).  The yoke neck was easy enough too, but better for the non-Easter dress because it is a more casual look I think.  Here are some quick pictures I snapped on my phone:

2015-03-29 12.48.542015-04-25 10.51.50

Then somewhere in there, I squeezed out another coordinating Geranium dress for my niece, but I never did get a picture of the two of them together with the matching dresses on.  I was running short on the both the patterned fabric and the solid pink, but I think I made it work well enough.

The only thing I didn’t love about the pattern is the way the skirt attaches in the back.  I sewed the lining down by hand and by doing it that way I could cover up the seam at the waist very neatly.  But if I had needed to do that part on the machine, which is an option per the pattern, there is no way it would look as good.  I marked the problem area with a blue circle in the picture below.


But, that is my only very minor complaint about this pattern and its not like I came up with any better way of attaching the skirt or anything.  I really love this pattern.  I found it to be very versatile and the instructions were great.  Even though I’ve already made four of these dresses, I think there are more Geranium dresses in my future.

Here are some more photos of my girls in their Geranium dress.  The first one is just my girls playing outside in our back yard with a stuffed animal.


Geranium dresses are good for twirling too!


Happy sewing!